Unmuting Voices

Excluded people are often overlooked, not asked for their opinion or someone else speaks on their behalf.

To tackle this, we created an ethical research platform called Fatima.

Fatima’s mission is to enable every person in the world to have their voice heard, to create a safe and comfortable research experience, and use the information shared to create a better world for them, and those around them.

An ethical approach to research

Fatima is an ethical research platform designed to respectfully collect, securely store, and rapidly analyse qualitative data from anywhere in the world.

Fatima promises participant safety, comfort and respect

Through a simple phone call or in-person via our simple app, any respondent can participate knowing that from data collection to data destruction, their rights, wellbeing and safety are at the heart of the experience.

Our breakthrough technology provides rapid analysis

Machine learning technology provides rapid analysis of qualitative data enabling fast, accurate decision making and action.

Flexible, multi-media surveys

Fatima collects qualitative and quantitative data in the form of single-code, photo and audio responses.

Conduct research remotely, or in person

Fatima is designed to reach the most excluded. You can conduct research in-person or remotely. Our remote data collection can reach anyone via a simple phone call. No smartphone, internet, data required from the respondent.

All of that, and much more...

Native Android app for in-person research
Conduct interviews in multiple languages
Enhanced consent for underage participants
World-class informed consent
Customisable roles and permissions
Automated analysis for each response
Safeguarding and alerting
Automated transcription in 5 languages
Automated translation in 5 languages

Join Malala Fund, Care International, The Young Foundation, and more

Fatima is used by leading social impact organisations to conduct ethical research with some of the world’s most excluded communities. If you would like to find out how Fatima can help you, request a demo.

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