We create digital ways to include the excluded.

Today, our products have helped to include over 25 million people. Our goal is to include 50 million people by 2023.

Our Mission

Each and every day, the digital world provides billions of people globally with life-changing access to services, information, and people. This is usually designed for those with a smartphone, an unlimited data bundle and access to high speed internet. Those with 20/20 vision and Gen Z levels of digital literacy. 

The 55% of the world’s population without these things, are excluded.

At Here I Am, we create for the 55%. Those without the latest iOS, money for data credit, or a place to charge their phone each night. For those with poor eyesight or hearing, with anxiety, depression or PTSD. All of those who find the digital world hard to access, trust, and benefit from.

We create digital ways to include the excluded. Apps, web apps and websites that are precisely designed to meet and overcome the emotional, physical and environmental factors that are preventing inclusion.

We believe everyone should be included, and our mission is to create these ways.

More about us

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