Here I Am Studio launches

  • May 2021

Following a successful incubation at Maido, we are excited to announce the launch of Here I Am Studio – an organisation with a global mission to create digital products to include the excluded.

Each and every day, the digital world provides billions of people globally with life-changing access to services, information, and people, but this is usually designed for those with a smartphone, an unlimited data bundle and access to high speed internet, with 20/20 vision, full dexterity, and Gen Z levels of digital literacy.

The 55% of the world’s population without these things, are excluded.

At Here I Am, we create for the 55%.

Those without the latest iOS, money for data credit, or a place to charge their phone each night. For those with poor eyesight or hearing, anxiety, depression or PTSD. All of those who find the digital world hard to access, trust, navigate and benefit from.

Our mission is to create digital products to include the excluded. To create apps, web apps and websites that are precisely designed to meet and overcome the emotional, physical and environmental factors that are preventing inclusion.

Here I Am is founded by Laura Scanlon and Vitória Santos Silva, and a team of social impact strategy, delivery, design, and development craftspeople. The team has over 20 years collective experience creating inclusive digital products that have reached over 25 million excluded people, globally.

The core team is supported by a global network of specialists from a wide-range of sectors including: MERL, Data Science, AI, Data Ethics, Gender, Policy, Advocacy and Safeguarding, ensuring Here I Am products are impactful, and conform to best-in-class safety, and ethical standards.

Here I Am is launching with a founding portfolio of some world’s leading social impact organisations. This includes CARE International, Plan International, Girl Effect, Malala Fund, Norweigian Refugee Council, Youth Endowment Fund and YoungMinds.

‘We have an unwavering belief that today, everyone can be included. At Here I Am, we are determined to create these ways’. Laura Scanlon, Here I Am, CEO.

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Our team of strategists, designers, delivery managers, and developers partner with leading social impact organisations across the world to design, build, and scale bespoke digital products and services to include the excluded.

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